How Do Excel Formulas Work?

 Written by Tobi Hossner

Excel Formulas (if you know how to use them) are the dynamic things that separate Microsoft Word from Microsoft Excel. They are utilized to perform multiple types of calculations that without them would be a drain on your time, mundane, and given to error.

Most of us only use very basic formulas in Excel such as SUM. However, there is a wealth of knowledge inside the program that should be taken advantage of! The creation of Excel Formulas List was in high hopes that people will visit us to learn 1 or 2 new formulas as time permits.

With competition in the job market higher than ever, it is imperative that we all try to get an edge to our work. I can guarantee that the skills you take from learning excel formulas will not be a waste of your time. It is time to enjoy the benefits of what a bit of knowledge can do.

One of the first Excel formulas you’re likely to learn is VLOOKUP.

If you’ve used it before you probably remember the day when you discovered it.

You might have even got a buzz from the new power you had at your fingertips (go on, admit it), when all of a sudden Excel became much more than a glorified calculator.

But VLOOKUP is one of many lookup functions in Excel’s arsenal, and it might shock you to know that it’s not always the best! 

I understand that it's Friday and the only thing on your mind is the coming weekend, but I want you to bear with me and read my tips on some excel functions and formulas. Trust me, you won’t have to bang your head on a wall to understand them. These tips are easy to understand and can come in very handy at different tasks you may be working on.

You may already be aware of the function to "insert comments" by right clicking your mouse on a specific cell. Most people do not use this often. However, there is another clever way to add your little note into an excel formula.

Excel "SUBTOTAL" formula is one of the exciting excel formulas that you may come across.

The first thing you should know, is that SUBTOTAL doesn’t just add up numbers like SUM, it can do eleven different calculations.